Rtch/Btch is the antidote to explosive trend of unqualified estheticians entering the industry.


It's a gift to be able to help women take their power back and many of our clients consider themselves survivors. Our clients include everyone from recently divorced women to Cancer and Lyme disease survivors.


We believe that when you work with an esthetician you want to see a consistent change in your skin and want education on your particular concerns.  Your health, life and carreer ARE intertwined with that.


Currently all treatments are performed by the CEO, Rachel Tolve, a transplant from New York and Certified Medical Esthetician.  I am licensed in both New York and California with over 15 years of experience.  I also have a background in product research and development.


We only work with ferociously demanding women who are looking for consistent and high quality services with a VERY trained esthetician.


To achieve the best results possible you must commit to the process.  If you're tired of paying for cheap services that do not work, you are ready for Rtch/Btch.


Rachel also owns a skincare line that is sold in spas nationwide, has trained thousands of estheticians and physicians, and is a rising star in the esthetics industry.


Listen to her podcast HERE

Who's a rtch/btch?

You are.

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